Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hi if you even remember me...

Hello,hello Hello! Its me,Hope4meg.Doubt you remember me,but hey?Always gotta be happy :D. So ya its 12:30 AM And im bored so i just posted now as you can tell.....Well see ya

Monday, July 23, 2012

Epic Dragon Mask: Jam Mart Clothing

Sorry I'm late!
Heya, Jammers!
I'm terribly sorry that I'm late, been busy with other things, y'know.
So today's Rare Item Monday is, you guessed it, an epic dragon mask! Wow, very expensive... 1,000 gems?!

Picture off of Animal Jam Hakuna Matata, by FurryForest125.

Very expensive indeed... And, as expected, for members only.
It's a cool color though!
Have a jammin' good time!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Animal Jam Calendar

Do you know about the Animal Jam Calendar?

Keep up to date with every Animal Jam update with this calendar. 
Never miss another important event again!

July's Events:

(Click to view full size)

To access this useful calendar go to Jamaa Township, click on the noticeboard and click on the blue button "Activities Calendar".

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fox Update

Heya, Jammers!
Today is the update, and, as expected, foxes came out! Some of my friends are foxes - my membership ran out, so I can't have one until I renew it. Plus, I can't take screenshots, so I used pictures from Animal Jam Spirit, a blog by Snowyclaw.
Man, I can't wait to get a fox!
Here's my friend Spino11's fox. Her fox is her main animal now - I'm thinking of having a fox as my main animal too - what do you think?

Spino11's Fox

Yes, Spino's fox, right up there. It's supposed to look like Kasi, Spino's fursona.
Here's some of the new stuff out!
Well, there's a new fox Jam-A-Gram out, and there's a bunch of new stamps too.

Also, they (finally) named the horse statue. I'm not quite sure if it's due to the Jamaasian Movement or not, but we'll most likely never know.

They named the horse "Sophia".
Sadly, as you know, the foxes are members only. There's new name tags and plushies along with the fox animal that came to Jamaa.

The tag sorta looks like Mew from Pokemon to me. Any Pokemon fans can use this tag (I know it's not REALLY Mew, I know it's a fox. But I'm just saying it LOOKS like Mew)!
There's a plushie sale in the Summer Carnival. Get your favorite item today!

There's a new painting place in Coral Canyons. You can paint in free form now! Those who don't have paint can use this to draw instead! Start practicing!

There's also a new Den Depot, which is in the spot where Coral Corners used to be. You can buy dens there, and like Snowyclaw said, they probably did this to stop the complaints  of Coral Corners disappearing. You can either travel to Den Depot, or go to your den. Going to your den is much faster in my opinion.

The new pet is a turtle (obviously), and will hopefully come next update! We've been waiting for a while, haven't we?

There's also something new called "My Settings". It shows you your membership, whether your den is on or off, and whether the sound is on or off. You can also view messages from AJHQ.
Above is what you see if you're member. If you're a non-member, then is says "Non Member" and a "Join The Club" button is below it. I would take a screenshot, but I can't. The settings icon is by the location, as shown above.
It's most likely a glitch when it says "999 days remaning". You can also see behind the words those blue lines - behind it is the "Join The Club" button!
Have a jammin' good time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SORRY.. may be quitting this blog,but not my new one.its a diary about a dog named kate,kinda like tiggerkats.thanks alot,and thank yuo for all yuor support.i wopuldnt be here without my fans and followerd.and if youd like to be in ym kate story and be a dog,then just email me.thank you so much.ill never forget you XD of course not ill still play aj and blog and stuff luv ya fans,heres the link for my new blog

Flower Bouquet: Jam Mart Furniture

Heya, Jammers!
Today, you can get a bouquet of flowers located in Jam Mart Furniture, I believe. Pretty cool, I think it'd look good in a fantasy castle, agree?

Note it says "Fancy Bouquet".
This is 400 gems, and members only. Be sure to put this in a fantasy castle den!
Have a jammin' good time!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fox Facts

Heya Jammers! Foxes are coming super duper soon! There are many kinds.

                                                                 The Arctic Fox
The Arctic Fox lives in Canada and the Arctic Circle and hunts on caribou.
The Gray Fox
The Gray Fox is a subspecies of the Red Fox and lives near
Creeks, Streams, and Ponds, as well as Forests all over the U.S.
The Red Fox
The Red Fox, the most common is found near the Temporate Forest.

The Fennec Fox

The Fennec Fox is the smallest fox, have big cat ears, dig burrowsand live in the desert.

The Gray Fox

That's all I know, sorry.
But ave fun when foxes come out!

Creature Icyspirit

( End Scene)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fox Questions

Heya Jammers, Creature Here, sorry for not posting for a while.

Have you heard that foxes are coming soon? Many jammers have questions about this clever canine beast. Will it have those big tails? Will it have no fur on it's legs? Will it stand up on twos? I don't know, but soon we will.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rare Butterfly Glasses: Jam Mart Clothing

Heya, Jammers!
For today's RIM (Rare Item Monday), we have some butterfly glasses! Remember these from Tuesday? AJHQ accidently released them last week as, well, a Rare Item Tuesday. But it appears they made a mistake, that it was this week's RIM.
675 gems, yet another member item.
What is your opinion on this? Remember not to let anyone trick you into thinking these are rare.
What are your plans for the new FOX animal coming out? Have you thought of a name yet? I'm still thinking 'bout my fox's name...
Have a jammin' good time!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Starfish Glasses: Bahari Bargains

Heya, Jammers!
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but we got bad internet, and, I don't get much time. But anyways, I'm posting now.
So, in Bahari Bargains there's new starfish glasses!

400 gems, members only. They look a bit bizarre, don't you agree?
Also, on The Daily Explorer, they posted about foxes coming out! Are you all excited for the new animal, Jammers?

I will definitely be getting a fox, they're so cool! I saw one in a field before, it was so small.
Have a jammin' good time!